The Power of One Gift

  • $25 could pay for a gift card to a family in the hospital
  • $100 could pay for a care package for a family in the hospital or rehab center
  • $200 could pay for 2 hours of therapy
  • $320 could pay for 4 hours of counseling
  • $560 could pay for one month of vision therapy
  • $1,000 could pay for an adaptive bike
  • $2,250 could pay for 30 neurofeedback sessions
  • $3,000 could pay for 20 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Donors can often double or triple a contribution with an employer-matching gift. Please check with your employer, ask for the company’s matched gift form and send the completed form with your contribution.

Donations of in-kind services or gifts may also be given. Please check with the Executive Director at regarding acceptance of services or gifts.

Your gift to Hope4Minds is a statement of your confidence in our services and your support for children living with an acquired brain injury. Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of these children don’t just happen. They exist because of caring individuals like you and effective planning by our board. Thank you!

Set a one-time donation OR please consider a subscription for ongoing monthly donations to support Hope4Minds. Simply set the frequency to your preference.



To pay by check, Please send checks to :
Team Luke Hope for Minds
PO Box 64323
Lubbock, Texas 79464-4323