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What is a Brain Health Baseline? A baseline is an individuals’ measurement of brain performance when not injured. Whenever possible, it is best to compare apples to apples when evaluating an injured athlete. Without individual baselines, post injury testing can only be compared to the general population, making it more difficult to know when the athletes functions have returned to their “normal” and is safe for them to return to activities.

What do these tests measure? Concussion tests are specifically used for assessing various functions and physiological parameters of the brain such as memory, processing, balance or the ability to regulate blood flow, which can be impaired with head injury Head injury can affect each person differently and can impair some functions more or less than others so it is important to obtain a baseline for each of these assessments.

Cognition: ImPACT is a computer based “thinking” test which assesses memory, reaction, and processing. Ages 11yrs+. 30 minute test.

NeuroChaos: Uses Ultrasound technology to evaluate the physiologic changes in the brain by measuring cerebral blood flow regulation. Captures a 5-minute recording with the athlete at rest. All ages. Please visit WWW.NEUROCHAOS.COM Baseline Cost: $75


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