Name – Lanaphoto 2 of Lana
Date of Accident –  May 2008
Age at accident –  3 years old

Lana and Safa Alamari are two little angels that were in a tragic near drowning incident in my family’s pool. This incident was in May 16th of 2008 and Lana was 3 and half and Safa was 2. They were very close in age and they were very close friends too. They were very loving to one another, they would spend hours playing, watching TV, and eating together. They were so close that they would do everything together! Almost 5 years have passed and now Lana is 8 and Safa is 7 and they are truly still our two little angels in our home.

On the morning of the incident Lana and Safa’s grandmother visited us. Afterwards she left to do some grocery shopping and came back because she had forgotten her phone. Lana and Safa wanted to go with her home so much for the reason that she had just gotten a little kitten and they were so excited about it. My mom had so much to do that day so I tried to tell them next time they will go but they both cried so much and couldn’t but let them go with their Grandma. I was out running some errands when I called my mom an hour later to check on the girls and they were watching Dora the Explorer, their favorite show at the time.

Half an hour passed when I got a phone call from an unknown number. I answered and it was a police officer asking if I was Hayat. At that point my heart dropped and I was confused, so I asked the officer if there was a problem? He told me there is an emergency and I needed to go home immediately. I asked him again what the problem was and he told me just come home and they will let me know. So I went as fast as I can home but when I got there was no one there! I thought to myself is this some kind of joke or prank? Just then my husband called me and told me that I needed to go to mom’s home because Lana and Safa drowned in the pool! I truly till this day do not know how I got to my mom’s home. When I got there Lana and Safa were taken already to two different hospitals. The scene at my mothers house was so unreal with the yellow tape around the house, numerous police cars, and helicopters in the air!

My husband and I rushed to the hospital Safa was in and my mom and her friend went to the hospital Lana was taken to. The whole time on our way there I was praying so hard that they would survive this accident not knowing that they could suffer a severe brain injury due to the lack of oxygen when they were in the pool. The doctor from Lana’s hospital called me when I was at my other daughter’s hospital telling me that she had a severe brain injury called hypoxic anoxic brain injury and that she would be like a vegetable if she lived. I honestly didn’t know what that meant at the time. Then we had Safa transported to Lana’s hospital that same night. They were in the ICU for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks on the regular care. Then they sent us to a rehab hospital for 5 weeks where they had all the therapies they needed that I never knew even existed. We kept praying and hoping that the girls will get better but not much improvement happened. They had to get the g-tube surgery so we would be able to feed them. I thank God till this day that they both didn’t need any trachs. Their level of development was back to infancy.

Those were the longest most shocking 2 months of my life. They trained us parents,then we finally went home.

It was extremely hard to adjust to our new way of life with our girls but slowly and surely we learned more and more how to take care of them. Now both Lana and Safa have improved a lot. They both go to school full time at Bullock elementary and we are lucky to have a wonderful teacher there. Lana is now eating almost entirely orally and Safa is on her way with intensive speech therapy 3 times a week. We did 80 hyperbaric dives for both girls which helped with their spasticity. We did botox for both girls for 3 years every 6 months then I didn’t see to much improvement so we stopped it. In the summer of 2010 we actually took the girls to Dusseldorf Germany and were desperate to do a neuroendoscopic stem cell surgery. I cant say there was any dramatic improvement but with everything were doing at the time there were some improvements. They are much more aware and responsive when we call their names, their vision improved because they could track and look at us much better and faster. We see more voluntary movements with their arms and legs. I believe the more prayer, love, and support we give them the better they will become.

How has Hope4Minds helped?

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