Name – Conrad

Date of Accident – January 2004

Age at accident – 17 months old

Conrad Tullis, picture
On Jan 3, 2004, Conrad fell into a swimming pool for an “unknown” length of time at his grandparent’s house in Temple, Texas. He was in respiratory arrest when EMS arrived and coded 3 times at Scott & White hospital. He remained in ICU for 1 week and his basic condition improved steadily. We transferred to Santa Rosa hospital in San Antonio, Texas at the end of January 2004 for inpatient rehabilitation and remained there until early April 2004. At discharge, Conrad was severely disabled with a dim prognosis. We were told to prepare for him never to get better.

However, Conrad defied the odds. He continues to progress. He is alert and recognizes familiar voices. He cries, smiles, laughs and communicates using a variety of sounds Conrad is healthy and has continued to thrive from a physical standpoint. Therapy is essential to helping Conrad reach his maximum potential – NO limits!

How has Hope4Minds helped?

  • Neuro Developmental Therapy
  • Surgical consultation and casting at UTMB by Roz Mazal