Many times doctors give families little hope that their child will recover after suffering an acquired brain injury due to an accident. The prevailing thought is that recovery is too difficult if not impossible. We believe recovery begins with hope! Our desire is to foster hope and enrich the lives of these children.

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We are proud to announce that we have approved $68,507 in applications in 2016.

Please take a minute to read about a few of the precious children we have helped!






“Hope4Minds reminds me that people care, and that I am not alone in my journey to help Conrad reach his maximum potential – no limits!”

Liz Tullis, Conrad’s mom (age 12)
San Antonio, TX


“Having a child with extensive disabilities can be an overwhelming experience for families. Hope4Minds understands exactly what we are going through. This understanding along with the financial assistance is immeasurably valuable.”

The Summervilles, Michael’s family (age 8)
San Antonio, TX


“Families find comfort knowing they are not alone, and they have other families going through the same journey they were.  It is such an honor to be a facilitator to connect them with your amazing organization.”

Kelly Feddern, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker
Children’s Medical Center – Dallas, TX


“Hope4Minds is so amazing – they are educators, counselors, therapists, and the most of all they have been in our shoes. We are a stronger family because of Hope4Minds, and they helped us to make better choices in our son’s care and education. They provide hope for our future. Because our son’s care was so expensive, the insurance has not provided him with any therapy. Hope4Minds provided him with the therapy he needed. My son is stronger and most importantly, you can see his continuous improvements. This is a God-sent organization.”

Paula Jackson, James’ mom
Dallas, TX


Hope4Minds has given us the gift of more treatment for our son. When our son, Braden, was 7, he was accidentally shot in the heart with a pellet gun. He was without a heartbeat for 22 min then after open heart surgery, suffered severe brain swelling and a stroke. We were told that Braden would only make it 24 more hours. Well our fighter, pulled through. He did great through his therapy and came home 5 months after his accident, but couldn’t see, talk or walk. Now Bradens vision has returned, he’s running and won’t stop talking!! Deep in my heart, I knew that HBOT therapy,would help our son.  We couldn’t afford any treatment that wasn’t covered by insurance. I then found hope for minds, and saw the incredible things, they were doing!! I had been talking with Ronda, who’s a god send, and when we’re were ready.. I applied for help for HBOT therapy.

Without this wonderful organization and the amazing people running it, our son would not have the HBOT, therapy that he’s now receiving. When Ronda called me to tell me, that we were approved, tears of joy fell down my face and Braden was so excited, he could start his HBOT therapy. This organization, has given us the way, to increase our sons potential and to make sure, that every therapy possible, is available. We can’t thank everyone enough!!

Kristy Heckendorn, Branden’s mom
Monty, Texas