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Kaitlyn’s Story

I was a cheerleader for fifteen incredible years, starting when I was 6 years old. I reached the pinnacle of my cheerleading “career” as the co-captain of The University of Texas All-Girl Cheerleading Squad in 2015. Before that I was a competitive cheerleader growing up and competed with my high school team as well.

I received my first three concussions early in high school, and was given very little direction on how to handle them. I got my fourth one in my sophomore year of college, followed by my fifth and sixth the summer after. Five of the six came from cheerleading incidences, and the last from a rather embarrassing story about moving furniture.

None of mine were bad concussions. I never had lasting effects, until I pushed my luck too far. My most recent concussion (August, 2015) has given me daily headaches for over a year now. Through all of these concussions and all of the obstacles they have brought, I want to share my tips with you. Most of them I’ve found through trial-and-error, and I want you to have them without effort. My suffering will not have been pointless- you will all be better off for it.

I hope these personal tips help you or your loved one through any journey you may be on. Please note that I am not a doctor or medical professional, these are just my personal findings on my path through recovering from multiple concussions.

Good luck and best to you,

Kaitlyn Behnke

Tips from Kaitlyn if you experience a concussion