To enrich the lives of children with a brain injury and give hope to their families through support and education.


I received a phone call on July 28, 2015, that no parent ever wants to hear. Luke had been in a golf cart accident. I arrived at the hospital, and the first words l heard were, Luke had been in cardiac arrest. He had suffered head and chest trauma.

We spent 44 days at UMC in Lubbock. On the 7th day, Luke had three brain surgeries. It wasn’t until the next day that we knew there was brain activity.

On September 10, Luke was transferred to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, where he spent the next four months attempting to do some rehab. His high blood pressure, high heart rate and constant nausea did not allow for much rehab. Luke’s MRI was so bad the neurologist told us that based on his results, he should never use his voice or his limbs. A day I will never forget.

On January 6, 2016, we arrived home to a big Lubbock welcome in the cold and rain. For the last 18 months, Luke has worked tirelessly in PT, OT, and speech. My little Luke is the greatest fighter I’ve ever seen.

Luke’s love of sports has fueled his competitive spirit to fight every day. He has been able to use his limbs to command. He also swallows frozen lemonade and has begun to take sips of water.

The mission of the foundation is to bring awareness and provide critical support and assistance to families with children who have suffered an anoxic or traumatic brain injury.

I had been the tennis coach at Texas Tech for 23 years. I resigned on July 8, 2015, to spend more time with my family.

The mission of the foundation is to bring awareness and provide critical support and assistance to families with children who have suffered an anoxic or traumatic brain injury.

20 days later, Luke had his accident.

My wife Jenny is the rock of our family. We have four beautiful children. Alex is 25, Kate is 14, Ellie is 12, and Luke is 11.

In one of my darkest days, someone came up to me and said he is praying for me, and to put one foot in front of the other.

That is my goal every day.


Approved in December 2011, HOPE4JD (dba HOPE4MINDS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID #32-0351208) based in Austin, Texas that supports Texas families with children who have suffered an acquired brain injury. The organization began as a community effort organized after an 11 year old boy named JD nearly drowned in his family’s hot tub. The family struggled with the lack of information and guidance, as well as the mounting expenses for items such as house renovations, transportation, medical equipment for their home, and recovery based therapies not covered by insurance.  They received significant financial support from their community and a decision was made to form HOPE4MINDS to help families experiencing the same struggles.


  • Non-fatal Drowning
  • Choking
  • Motor Vehicle/ Traffic Accidents
  • Violence/Abuse
  • Sports Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Lightning Strike
  • Falls


  • Recovery Therapy
  • ADA Home Modifications
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Auto Adaptive Services
  • Family Counseling
  • Medical Claim Advocacy
  • Special Education Advocacy


  • Family Care Packages
  • Support Groups
  • Parent-4-Parent Support Program
  • Community CPR/First Aid Classes
  • Concussion Baseline Screenings
  • Referrals for Other Resources


According to The Center for Head Injury Services, approximately 1 in 500 school-age children each year receive a head injury severe enough to be hospitalized.  Although families are eligible for state and federal financial support, funding is limited, and families are forced to pay for medical care on their own.  The emotional, physical and financial strain of caring for a disabled child takes an enormous toll on families.

At the heart of our services is the conviction that the health and well-being of these children can improve over time if families have access to educational materials, therapeutic services and adaptive equipment for their children. We also believe that families can gain strength by connecting with one other. To provide these crucial services, we need your help. Every dollar makes a difference. With your generous gift, you make it possible to keep hope alive – one precious child at a time.


501(c)(3) Determination Letter (PDF)